Sun Retreats - Avalon

Rough Cut was fabulous tonight!  Look for them next year and come out and dance the night away!!

Valerie Melasecca

Great band!

Annie Dougherty Mitchell

Good crowd, great time!

Donna Pepe

Really enjoyed the night!

Jessica Bruck

      What an amazing band!! Definitely bring them back!!! 

Pine Hill Tavern

Diane Lipiec-Fauver

Had an awesome time dancing to this awesome band!!!

Great night of great music and dancing!!!

Cara Angelastro

That band was really good.

Kathy Ayers Sharp

Band was excellent!  Thank you PHT! 

Elizabeth Fish

Thx so much for a great time! Everyone loved you guys!


Villas Fishing Club 

Rough Cut is rocking The Villas Fishing Club!


Dana Ciocci

Rough Cut Rocks!!! 

Monette Withers

So much fun!! Had a great time. You guys never disappoint!

Linda Musciano Williams

Enjoyed a great night and loved the music!

The Riverside Inn

Kathy Ahern-Haynes

It was our pleasure to have Rough Cut back at the Riverside Inn. Our crow always has a great time when you guys play at the Riverside! Thank you, until next time…..

Our favorite band, Rough Cut, will be back to rock the house! Join us for a great night & we will honoring our veterans that same night!  See you all there!

Welcome once again The Riverside Inn's favorite band!

We’ll see you out on the patio!

Great time with Rough Cut last night! Everyone had a blast! 

Please welcome back the Rough Cut band! It’s been a while since we’ve had the pleasure of hearing this awesome group!

We had a blast last night outside! It was a beautiful night, thanks to everyone who came out to see the Rough Cut band & celebrate with me for my birthday! I want to thank the band once again for the beautiful flowers! We’ll see you soon!

Thank you Rough Cut for a great time last night! Everyone’s favorite band at the Riverside Inn! We’re really gonna miss you!

Kelus Riverside Bar & Grille

Susan Nierzwicki Moses

These guys are very tight. Guitar player note for note. Very good band. Shame the rain came. 

Tina Evans

Your guys are amazing!!!! Love ya’s !

Karen Ellis Bow

Fantastic!  LUV that song. U guys are great!!

Patti Poole

Good band! Enjoy them if you have a party, they'd be great entertainment!

William Fowler

Brings back memories!

Ott's - Medford

Beth Reniel

So much fun!! Thanks for a great night!

Ann Marie Coverly

Great show!! 

Dave Sandy Harris Jr.

Great night! Great music!!

Amy Lepre

You guys sounded awesome! 


Kathy Price

So professional! You guys sound great!

Paul Leach

Highly recommended!

Cyndie Hoisington-Gilbert

Good time and great band!

Hawk Island Marina

Diane Lipiec-Fauver 

Definitely a great and very talented band.. see everyone there!! 

Great Band .. great time listening, singing and dancing.. nice finish to my Day!!!! Thank you!

Patrice Nisson Granaldi

Always a good time!  You Rock!!

Linda Jacobus

So much fun!!

Mark Jones

You guys play good stuff for everybody.  Love it!  A well rounded group!

Flying W Airport

Nicole Ann

Hey if anyone is around tonight stop by the Flying W to see a great band Rough Cut. We will be having a 50/50 to support our fellow Special Olympics teammates #AlohAvengers. Good time and great music!

Happy Hour Club

Denise Butler

Awesome Band tonight for my husband Rick 60th Birthday at the Happy Hour Club Maple Shade thanks for a great time!


Patrice Nisson Granaldi

4 hours of dancing to an Amazing Band!

Diane Lipiec-Fauver 

It was an awesome time at Dempsters Friday night.. the Band was awesome as always!!!! 

Dave Ensign

They were awesome, great band!

Nancy Curilla Ebner


Candie Leusner

Fun night!!! 

Elizabeth Reynolds

Wonderful buddy! 

Walter Kappeler

Nice!  Wonderful!


Carole Leeper Bissonette Hess

The good rock music!


Marsha N Bob Rowe

The band was awesome, something for everyone!


John Black Jeep

Great band tonight!   Please have these guys back!

Rob Dickson

You guys were (and are) great. A lot of great music and a lot of fun (as always) - thank you!

Phil Price

Holy shit!! Wait till the kids hear about this- real humans who can play real instruments and not sit at a computer cut/paste/repeat. ROCK ON!

Candie Leusner

Fun night!!!!

Ricardo Mariano

Rock on guys!!

Catherine Schneider

Looks really professional you guys!


Carolann Grady

Great music and lots of fun tonight at Dadz!!

Indian Acres

You guys were awesome!  We will definitely have you back.

Gina Ciocci Nelson

So much fun watching you at Indian Acres!

Aimee Vergara Mann

It was! Little did I know THAT was Greg Killian! They are really good. I had such a great time. ❤️

Rob Dickson

With the best people and awesome band - Rough Cut.

Laurie Dougherty

It was an awesome night. You guys killed it!

Frank Sonsini

Sounds great!