Meet The Band

Greg:          Lead Vocal, Guitar, Mandolin, Percussion, & Harmonica 

Greg is an exceptional vocalist who entertains his audience with many musical styles including  rock, country, rhythm & blues, soul, and contemporary.   He has been entertaining audiences for many years in the tri-state area to rave reviews.  Greg is the dynamic force in the band that engages his audience from the moment he steps up to the microphone.   Greg also plays guitar, harmonica, and mandolin.

Russ:       Lead Guitar & Vocals

Russ is one of the best all around guitarist and vocalist in the area.  His seemingly effortless playing has entertained audiences for decades in some of the finest clubs and bands in the Delaware Valley.  Now with  Rough Cut, Russ adds his outstanding musicianship and  captivating vocals to the mix to produce a full sound and rich harmony.  

John:        Keyboards, Harmonica, Guitar, Percussion & Vocals

John is the consummate musician playing keyboards, guitar, harmonica and percussion.  His playing is equally matched with his soulful vocals, both as a lead singer and in harmony.  John has played with many bands in the Delaware Valley, but really enjoys the satisfaction of contributing to the overall sound of Rough Cut.

Denny:      Bass & Vocals

Denny is an outstanding musician who adds the “bottom line” to Rough Cut, both as the bass player and vocalist.  Denny has shared the stage with many fine musicians, groups, and recording artists over the years, which has defined his extraordinary talent and musical styles.  Denny enjoys the power of providing backbone to the rhythm section of Rough Cut that just makes you want to move and dance.

Rich:       Drums & Vocals

Rich has been playing drums for over 40 years in some of the finest clubs and bands in the region, and he still has his chops.  Most of his work has been with outstanding “cover” bands that played various styles of music from high energy rock & roll, to dance, to classic rock.  Other work has included original bands, jazz groups, show bands, and the recording studio.  Rich also sings some lead vocals and provides harmony that contributes to a dynamic vocal blend.

Rich’s major influences are classic rock, big band, and jazz drummers such as Buddy Rich, Steve Smith, John Bonham, Steve Gadd, Dave Weckl, and Charlie Adams, to name a few.  “I like to draw a little bit from all the great drummers, and then infuse my own style to make it work for the band.”